Alice Whittenburg, Writer and Editor


I have been involved with writing and publishing for most of my life, and my fiction has appeared in both print and web publications. As co-editor of The Cafe Irreal, I have honed my editing skills during the twenty years that our magazine has been online.

I write posts for three blogs, some more frequently than others:

At Other Homes and Gardens, I blog about issues that relate to climate change. I also do some book reviews and some travel and nature writing. Follow me on Pinterest.

At the Irreal Cafe, we were running (and I was writing) a series called Our Year of Reading at the Irreal Cafe, as a run-up to the twentieth anniversary issue of The Cafe Irreal, which went online in February 2019. Follow us on Twitter and Pinterest.

At Digital Gloss I blog about digital publishing, libraries, and how the world is changing for readers and writers. Follow me on Twitter.

In addition, I have been a member of the Tucson Chapter of the National Writers Union since 2001.

Please feel welcome to contact me at alicewhittenburg at

I am currently working on a volume of collected stories, and I just finished a novel called If It Happened.


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