Alice Whittenburg, Writer and Editor


My fiction and essays have appeared in both print and web publications. As co-editor of The Cafe Irreal, I have honed my editing skills during the twenty years that our magazine has been online.

I write posts for three blogs, some more frequently than others:

At Other Homes and Gardens, I blog about issues that relate to climate change. I also do some book reviews and some travel and nature writing. Follow me on Pinterest.

At the Irreal Cafe, I wrote a series called Our Year of Reading at the Irreal Cafe, as a run-up to the twentieth anniversary issue of The Cafe Irreal, which went online in February 2019. Follow us on Twitter and Pinterest.

At Digital Gloss I blog about digital publishing, libraries, and how the world is changing for readers and writers. Follow me on Twitter.

In addition, I have been a member of the Tucson Chapter of the National Writers Union since 2001. I am a member of the Working-Class Studies Association, and I presented my essay, "Twelve Images Made in or near Youngstown, Ohio, That Illustrate Why People Need Both Jobs and Fish," at the WCSA2021 Conference. (See June 9, Class and Environmental Justice panel.)

Please feel welcome to contact me at alicewhittenburg at


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